Wani Creative

Wani Creative

Description: –

Wanicreative is an Australian based branding, design, and digital agency. They offer services like branding, print designs, digital & mobile, and content creations. With these services, they are able to help their clients reach their target customers by developing topnotch brands.


  • Impove the overall site performance to help create online awareness, in order to reach target customers
  • Improve the mobile user experience of the site by enchaning the mobile responsiveness of the website when viewed on a mobile device.
  • Improve the user experience by transforming the already provided designs to a custom solution on wordpress platform
  • Improve the site architectural designs and general navigation by developing a parallax webstie with great mouse scrolling effects for content
  • Create a better homepage with a swift carousel that showcase eye-catching beautiful designs and branding they did for clients in the past.
  • Create a user-friendly website with a dynamic navigation map and satelite view.
  • Create a sign-up page that also a special column (newsletter sign-up) in which customers can submit E-mails to have access to their newsletter.


Wanicreative needed a custom website that integrates user-experience with every other features for its digital agency. This website is expected to have a high visitor-client conversion rate. Our goal was to build a website that has pictorial displays at strategic points on the homepage, while still considering smooth users experience when the site is been navigated.

Based on this website model, visitors and customers should be able to catch a glimpse or have a general overview of Wanicreatives’ past projects and the services been rendered.

Style Concepts:-

Wanicreative had series of designs and branding project that they did in past to show their clients visiting their site and as such, their website needed to be develop to suit this context. The pallete was more focused on developing a site with a balance showcase of several work brands and designs

Bringing it all together:-

The new website we designed for Wanicreative has all the functional features that a digital agency website should have. Having converted the old design to a custom wordpress website, the new website had a great parallax, with an mouse scrolling effects for content. With this in place, users will find it very easy to navigate through the site and find it appealing. In addition, the sliders in the new website are now scrolling effectively and the animations are scheduled to show according to a set timer. All these combined together will help Wanicreative paint a bigger picture.