Solidus Lab

Solidus Lab

Description: –

Solidus Labs is a New York based Fintech company that offers a cloud solution which based off machine learning-powered surveillance, compliance and monitoring. This digital asset was designed to make surveillance and compliance that requires professional skill more easier.


  • Improve the responsiveness of the website by adding captivating mobile features that will improve the functionality and effectiveness
  • Create a custom solution which comprises of all the financial solutions that they are offering their clients.
  • Create a feature on the website where they can their job postings for different positions.
  • Create an homepage with a blog posting feature which allows them to post articles or blog posts subsequently
  • Create a demo popup feature at the top corner of the homepage which allows visitors to book an appointment for a demo of their finanace products.
  • Design the website in such a way that it will have a custom Theme Setting feature which will subsequently by used to manage that general settings of the website.
  • Create a sign-up page where visitors can join the list of those that have access to their newsletters.


Solidus Labs needed a website with a custom design that shows more of its product and what it has to offer while still considering user experience, SEO optimization, and speed. Our goal was to code the website to be able to rank well on Google page with maximum SEO optimization and high speed.

With this prototype, visitors should be able to navigate this website easily. More so, internet users searching for keywords related to what Solidus Lab has to offer on search engine should be able to find it.

Style Concepts:-

Solidus Labs has a new product that needed massive promotion. As such, their website needed to designed with the primary objective to promote this product. This objective brought out the need to design the website to promote what thae product and what it has to offer.

Bringing it all together:-

At the end of the design, this website had all that Solidus Labs hoped for. It was fully functional, SEO optimized and very easy to navigate. With this, users will find it very easy to see the usefulness of the product that the website is promoting. The demo popup feature which works just the way it was planned is an additional feature that makes the website meet all its goals.