Farma4us is a Portuguese central pharmacy based in Amarante. They are a team of pharmacists, nutritionist, nurse and personal trainer whose sole aim is to improve the quality of life of people using their products and taking their services.


  • Improve the digital capacity and branding by portraying the ability to solve problems
  • Improve the general clearity of the site in such a way that each product is visible enough to visitors while browsing
  • Improve the process of adding items to carts and easy payment for products selected on the order page.
  • Create a custom solution that provides clients with wordpress custom theme and a multilingual feature which aims at improving customers experience.
  • swift navigation menu(bar) that improves the quick breakdown of other features on the site.
  • Create a newsletter tab that links directly to a page where visitors are able to leave specific information to help keep tabs on them.


Farma4us wanted a website that is user-friendly and that is based wordpress custom theme. Our goal was to build a website where each user has a personal account (user account) which shows users their orders, profile in general, a wishlist feature, a product search feature, and an extra feature to share products with friends.

Based on this prototype, customers and visitors visiting this site should be able to search for products effectively, glance through product description of products to be purchased, check product categories, and make payment with a secure means of payment they can trust.

Style Concepts:-

Farma4us aimed to get an e-commerce website they could manage and showcase their products and services. With such a well stated objective, the site was designed in such a way that the client will be able to manage everything in back office. As such, the pallete was all about creating user-friendly Resources, filtering features and many more.

Bringing it all together:-

The newly designed Farma4us website is an E-commerce website which serves as an online store for this company. With its easy mean of payment, easy navigation, alongside its ability  which allows visitors to add products to a cart list makes it an all-in-one site. This website portrayed exactly what a physical store should be like, thereby achieving its aims and objectives of the client.