Dhaali Valley

Dhaali Valley

Description: –

Dhaali Valley is an Indian based tourism agency that offer weekend treats and vacation in Shimla. They aim to bring out the natural beauty of the Himalayas mountains around this region by providing accommodations services(huts) with a balance of the modern amenities.



  • Create a website that shows their services which are restuarants and hut around the Shimla region and its environs
  • Create a responisve mobile and desktop web app that help facilitate the user experience of visitors while navigating the website
  • Design the website in such a dynamic way that can be totally managed by its owners all the way from the back office.
  • Create the website using SEO optmized HTML and code to aid the general SEO of the website and online presence.
  • Design the website to have am Easy booking popup which will make the site user-friendly and efficient for users
  • Create a Gallery page which would show the huts interrior and exterior, the available restaurants, amazing places that you can visit and many more.


Dhaali Valley needed a website that serve the function of promoting tourism and what tourist are to get by visiting while still putting into consideration key factors like SEO and user experience. Our goal was to develop this website to have all these features and at the same time to be able to function optimally.

Our prototype was planned to enable users get the best from this website within a very short period of time. By including features like booking pop-up, gallery page, a slide that shows what previous tourist had to say and many more. The prototype was in-line with what Dhaali Valley needed.

Style Concepts:-

Dhaali Valley wanted a website that target people who wish to take holidays and make them see reasons why what they have to offer is the best. As such, the website was developed putting into consideration the need to make it tell a story about the tourist center to visitors.

Bringing it all together:-

At the very end, Dhaali Valley got exactly what they wanted. The website had all the needed features to make it function the way it should. The SEO of the website was great and so the booking page. Combined together, all these made the website a grand sucfesss.