What Makes a Good Website?

What Makes a Good Website?


A website is a digital proposal that lets you interact with customers on a first-hand basis. But there are millions of websites on the internet that can offer the same services and goods as yours. You need to have knowledge and understanding of what makes your website good to stand apart from the competitors. A good website should engage the audience, be trustworthy and professional. A great website grabs the user’s attention and gives the audience what they are looking for. Consider the following aspects while building a great website.

  1. Impactful Message

Send a clear and strong message to the users about the purpose of your website on the homepage. Users should understand what your website offers in terms of content or services to great a good impression.

  1. Organized WebPages

The structure of a website is the key to customer retention. The website should be organized or categorized without clutter to give a clean look. It helps the visitors to have better navigation once they enter the website. A structured website makes it easy for bots to crawl the website easily.

  1. Navigation Bar

Incorporate navigation bar on the website to let users find information easily. Depending on the size of your website and content, categorize them and display using Uber menu or dropdown menu.

  1. Genuine Content

The mark of a high-quality website is the content they sell. They build fresh content based on their user needs. A great way to keep pushing fresh content to users is by building a blog page and posting relevant information. It keeps the audience engaged and promotes your website.

  1. Outstanding Design

Visual features have the power to attract the audience and draw them to your website. The foremost thing is to build a beautiful design that matches the website image and value. Use pleasant colors and readable font with appropriate text size to capture user’s attention. The amount of white space, background color and images are important to consider in web design.

  1. Loading Time

Users are impatient and tend to lose interest if a website takes more than a minute to load its contents. The speed of the website is improved by optimizing graphics, pictures, and videos on the web pages.

  1. Mobile-Compatibility

A good website should be able to appease customers browsing from different devices. Incorporate responsive design in the website to adjust its layout automatically for mobile and desktop users.

  1. Customized Call-To-Action

Include a call-to-action box or a thank you box for the users to leave their contact details. Use creative content and ask users to sign-up to the website to receive discounts, offers or newsletters with promotions. A website must convert the leads to sales for a successful business.

  1. Build A Community

It is important to retain the customers and make them visit your website again for a successful business. The best way to do it is by creating a social community with an online presence to interact and engage with them daily. Start it by being active on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram and link those social media buttons on your landing page. Social media interaction is a proven way to boost business.

It builds trust between the audience and the business. Social media buttons let your customers share the products and services they love with their followers easily. It is a form of marketing strategy that improves your visibility.

  • Drive Traffic

All the effort from design to services goes in vain if your website is not visible to the target audience. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows your site to get organic traffic and improves the visibility of the website.

  • Tracking

Good websites are smart enough to measure their metrics and analyze them. The metrics give insight into customer’s marketing behavior, find the ads which are driving traffic and remove redundant content. Tracking helps by pinpointing the exact moment where users are completing the action or leaving the site. This insight is useful to make better decisions and create new marketing strategies.

  • Promote your Website

A good website should build backlinks and integrate them into high-quality websites to promote their site. Link building is a crucial marketing strategy to improve brand awareness.

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