9 Killer Tips for Designing Memorable Logo

9 Killer Tips for Designing Memorable Logo


If you want to make an instant visual connection with the audience about your brand, Logo is your answer. Logo design helps to identify your brand and sets you apart from competitors. Look the 9 crucial elements required to create a memorable logo.

  1. Keep it simple: The priority to make a memorable logo is to keep it simple. The logo should be designed to connect the audience with the brand as soon as they see it. Simple logos give clarity, appeal, relevance, recognize-ability and instant emotion.


  1. Portray brand image: Before designing a logo, ask yourself what you want to communicate with your audience. A logo is a face for your brand in the market. Do you want your brand to be recognized with emotion or with a utility? Understand the ideology behind the brand and what it strives to give the audience. The products sold by the brand usually bring out an emotion in the customer. Use that ideology to portray the brand image.


  1. Type of logo: There are various types of logos and a logo designer can explain the differences in detail. Monogram Logos are brand initials which signify their complete name. These are simple and straight forward logos used to shorten the lengthy brand names like HBO. Word mark logos are also used for lengthy brand names but the acronym itself is catchy like Google that makes instant brand recognition. Other types are pictorial logos, abstract logos, mascots, emblem, etc.


  1. Significance of color: Colors not only make your brand image bright visually but also convey a message to the audience. Colors should express the personality of the brand or try to bring the required emotion in the viewers. Use blue color to gain trust and red to express energy or appeal audience. The yellow color is known to show the optimistic nature of the brand while green signifies life and growth. Some color combinations are an instant hit and tend to work well with the brand image.


  1. Usage of space: sometimes an effective logo need not use grand images or taglines to be effective and memorable. Some brands make sure of white space or negative space between the letters to subtly hint their intentions like FEDEX. The space between E and X subtly creates an arrow image. Negative space logo helps to create a new image in the background of the existing image. It is a great way to draw customer’s attention and make them look at your logo twice.


  1. Pleasing font: The font or typography used in a logo should be readable and attractive. Go for simple and clean fonts for a modern or sophisticated feel. Flowing fonts are good for businesses that have more creative products. Use decorative fonts sparingly or in combination with another font to convey your brand’s attitude.


  1. Double entendre usage: Visual double entendre creates a powerful message. Most of the world’s memorable logos utilized double-entendre to create a powerful message. In a double-entendre logo, the image can convey more than one meaning. It is a clever and memorable technique to imprint a brand name and its message to users. For example, look at the Amazon logo. It is a name logo with arrow underneath it. On closer look, it shows arrow starting from A and ending in Z which means it sells everything.


  1. Symmetry and proportions: Symmetry is quite important to an image as our eyes are trained to look for symmetry and proportions. Logos that are too wide or tall or narrow do not look visually pleasing. The width and height should be proportionate to create a striking logo. Aspect ratio is crucial in logo design as the logo is nearly used in everyplace from billboards to key chains in active marketing. Scalability check should be done on all marketing platforms to see if the logo looks pleasing and clear.


  1. Shape psychology: Every shape arouses a specific feeling in the mind. Strong emotions are linked to shapes just like colors. Ask your logo designer the meaning behind them before choosing a circle, straight line, curves, or jagged edges. Round shapes are often linked with positivity, fullness, feminine, and endurance while angular shapes suggest power, stability, and masculinity.

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