7 Crucial Elements for a Great Website

7 Crucial Elements for a Great Website


Every business needs an online platform to thrive in the digital world. Setting up a website is the key to let the world know about you and your business. A good website has certain crucial elements that need to be implemented to gain fame and success. Let’s have a look at the 7 elements that make a great website.


  1. Design

Never underestimate the power of good design. Design of the website is what draws the audience to you and leaves the first impression. Using good color palette, an optimum amount of white space, logo, clear font, text size, with proper layout will attract the audience and leave a positive impression. The design of the website should convey the purpose of the business and reflect your goals cleanly. Since we are all visual creatures, good design with an appropriate amount of graphics and images will appeal to the audience and improve their chances of becoming potential customers.


  1. Ease of navigation

Organizing the contents of a page is very crucial. The website information should be organized in a simple, structured and meaningful way. It helps the audience to navigate easily through the website and look for specific sections effortlessly. Sub-categorize your pages and add a menu button to navigate well. The landing page should be clear in directing the audience to the information they came looking for. Complicated visuals or an overwhelming number of icons can result in losing potential customers.


  1. Credibility

The credibility of a website can be achieved only with good content. A strong content keeps the audience engaged and informed. Content also has a crucial role in search engine placement. The web content should be up-to-date with the latest entries and posts. The title, keywords, and information should match and live up to the expectations of the visitors that end up searching your website for content. Including reviews and portfolios of customers along with posting client lists and testimonials will build trust among the audience. There is nothing wrong in adding a few blogs or articles on your website that makes your position in the digital world look great.


  1. SEO elements

There is no point of investing time and money in good web design and content if the website is not easily found by a search engine. A website needs to be optimized with SEO elements like target Keywords, tags, titles, and headings. Work on incorporating good quality backlinks that will redirect the audience to your site. The search engine gives top ranking to a website based on how many users visit the website, how long they stay on the website, loading time, mobile-friendliness and user experience.


  1. Responsive design

The number of people accessing websites from mobile phones is increasing every day. The main reason to make a website mobile-friendly is to not lose those potential customers. The website layout, content, image, and graphics should all be optimized to give mobile users good browsing experience. Users can view the website in different devices once you optimize the website to responsive design. Responsive design detects the viewer’s screen size and automatically changes the layout and dynamics of the webpage to make it look good and readable.


  1. Call to action

Call to action button incorporation on the website is very important if your goal is to have a good conversion rate. Build trust and relationship with your users by asking them to leave contact details to get the latest updates. It only builds trust but gives you a potential list of contacts to convert users to customers. Businesses thrive on this relationship to grow their brand by sending newsletters and exciting offers to customers. Use attractive design and choose a placement to install call to action button on your landing page.


  1. Social media inclusion

Adding social media buttons in your landing page is a must in the present year as customers tend to share the web pages or products they like with their friends, followers or family. It is a great way to drive traffic to the website and increase your brand exposure. It is pretty much a marketing trick or technique that is too huge to be ignored.



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