6 Telltale Signs Your Website Needs Redesign

6 Telltale Signs Your Website Needs Redesign


Getting a website for your business is quite easy but staying relevant to the ever-changing trends in technology is hard. Marketing depends largely on technology in an online platform. There are some tell-tale signs to help you understand the reasons behind low sales and web site traffic. Look at the list of 6 issues and check if you are facing similar problems.

  1. Obsolete website

A website needs to be visually attractive and has to be updated with the latest look, feel and functionality. The website content should be updated or changed with passing time. It should communicate the right message to the users in a clear and precise manner.

A website needs redesign when it becomes difficult to make any changes or updates to it. Consider changing the Content Management System if you face problems with the current platform on which your website runs. Adding blogs or news articles to a website should be done easily to stay on top of the competition.

  1. Lack of visibility and conversion

Gone are the days when keywords brought traffic to website and visibility of a website now depends on active content. Search engines give low ranking if the number of visits to the website is less. With less visibility, the leads and conversions rate become drastically fewer. Low visibility, lack of conversion and low page retention time (dwell time) are red flags when it comes to SERP’s.

A website that is not built for conversion will give an unprofessional vibe to first-time visitors. It will tarnish the brand name and become outdated with modern buyers. Poor conversion rate is a clear sign that the website needs a refresh.

  1. High bounce rate

The bounce rate is linked with a lack of proper content and slow loading time. Users tend to leave the website if it takes longer than 8 seconds to load a page. Websites with a lot of graphics encounter this problem. Users get impatient with unnecessary or too many bulky messages and more web pages.

The reasons for slow loading time are linked with un-optimized images, outdated themes, hosting problems, etc. Detect the reasons that are lowering load time with online tools and rectify them. Another reason for high bounce rate is the lack of resourceful content. Redesign your site to add valuable content in the form of web pages or blog posts.

  1. Lack of responsive design

The number of users browsing websites on mobiles has increased in the current days. Website needs to cater to desktop and mobile users for it flourish online. Lack of responsive design is a bad sign for the website. The chance of losing potential customers due to the lack of responsive design is very high. The content of your website should be optimized for all devices.

Responsive design is the most vital factor when it comes to SEO ranking. Having a responsive design that is compatible with all screen sizes guides you to good leads and a high conversion rate.

  1. Bad SEO

The reason for low visibility for a website is the lack of proper Search Engine Optimization. If you are not easily found by the audience, it gets harder to sustain and function in the digital world of business. You need to make changes to your website to make it more SEO-friendly and gain user attention.

Use the latest SEO tools to make the website accessible for bots to crawl. Bad SEO is the sole reason why search engines are having a hard time to find your website. Changes in content, design and keyword planner will bring good SEO.

  1. Website incompatible with business goals

Website is the face of a business and the way your website looks and functions will have a huge impact on your sales. A website should provide the support needed for branding and marketing goals. It should attract new users and raise brand awareness.

An outdated website cannot help you to fulfill your marketing strategy and goals. It should be user-friendly and help the customer to navigate easily. A change in marketing strategy sometimes means you are targeting a different audience than it used to be. So the website needs to be revamped to appeal to the new demographic.

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