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19 Sep 2019

6 Telltale Signs Your Website Needs Redesign

Getting a website for your business is quite easy but staying relevant to the ever-changing trends in technology is hard. Marketing depends largely on technology in an online platform. There are some tell-tale signs to help you understand the reasons behind low sales and web site traffic. Look at the list of 6 issues and check if you are facing similar problems. Obsolete website A website needs to be visually attractive and has to be updated with the latest look,...

18 Sep 2019

9 Killer Tips for Designing Memorable Logo

If you want to make an instant visual connection with the audience about your brand, Logo is your answer. Logo design helps to identify your brand and sets you apart from competitors. Look the 9 crucial elements required to create a memorable logo. Keep it simple: The priority to make a memorable logo is to keep it simple. The logo should be designed to connect the audience with the brand as soon as they see it. Simple logos give clarity,...

17 Sep 2019

What Makes a Good Website?

A website is a digital proposal that lets you interact with customers on a first-hand basis. But there are millions of websites on the internet that can offer the same services and goods as yours. You need to have knowledge and understanding of what makes your website good to stand apart from the competitors. A good website should engage the audience, be trustworthy and professional. A great website grabs the user’s attention and gives the audience what they are looking...

22 Aug 2019

7 Crucial Elements for a Great Website

Every business needs an online platform to thrive in the digital world. Setting up a website is the key to let the world know about you and your business. A good website has certain crucial elements that need to be implemented to gain fame and success. Let’s have a look at the 7 elements that make a great website.   Design Never underestimate the power of good design. Design of the website is what draws the audience to you and...

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